Latino Behavioral Health Workforce Training Program

ADCARE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE, Inc., 5 Northampton Street, Worcester, MA 01605


110 Hours in Drug and Alcohol Specific Studies:

  1. Historical Perspective and Attitudes about Addiction
  2. Addiction Defined
  3. Treatment Modalities in Chemical Dependency
  4. Recovery Issues and Chemical Dependence
  5. Using the DSM IV-TR: Multi Axial Diagnosis
  6. Pharmacology of Illicit Drugs
  7. Pharmacology of Alcohol
  8. Drugs, Alcohol and the Brain
  9. Latina Women and Addiction, Their Issues and Ours
  10. Latino Men and Addiction, Their Issues and Ours
  11. Latino Youth and Addiction
  12. Working with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Latinos/as
  13. Working With Non-Latino Populations

110 Hours in Counseling Techniques:


  1. Theories of Counseling
  2. Basic Counseling Skills and Techniques
  3. Twelve Core Functions of a Counselor
  4. Assessment and Treatment Planning
  5. Crisis Intervention
  6. Stages of Change
  7. Group Treatment: Techniques and Facilitation
  8. Consultation and Clinical Supervision
  9. Transference and Counter Transference
  10. Relapse Prevention: Techniques and Application
  11. Dual-Diagnosis, Considerations and Techniques
  12. Termination Issues
  13. Family Treatment of Addiction
  14. Advanced Clinical Methods in Addictions Counseling
  15. Counselor Wellness and Burnout Prevention

44 Hours in Behavioral Sciences:

  1. HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse
  2. Hepatitis C
  3. Tobacco Addiction and Recovery
  4. Nutrition and Recovery
  5. Meditation, Relaxation, Exercise, and Recovery
  6. Gambling
  7. Violence Prevention and Conflict Resolution
  8. Harm Reduction
  9. Counselor Wellness and Burnout Prevention

6 Hours in Ethics and Boundaries:

  1. Ethics and Boundaries in Addiction Counseling

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